Sevanetti Ice Cream Bikes Purple decoration sets


Please Note

Although we will contact your venue a week before your event we rely on you to ensure that the venue is aware that we will be attending and to confirm that there will be space and easy access for our ice cream bike. We cannot navigate very narrow entrances or locations with steps, unless we can borrow some strong bodies to lift the bike. We will also need access to a standard mains power point within 20 metres of the bike for the duration of our visit. In the event of poor weather, we will need access to a covered or indoor space from which to serve. If we are unable to enter the venue we will not offer a refund of the fees paid to us.

Please also note that we travel in a large van and will need to unload the trike very close to its serving position.
Should your event be cancelled for any reason your booking fee may be used against any future event but is not refundable.

We carry public liability insurance for 5 million pounds. Public Liability Insurance is excluded in its entirety following any claim or injury to any third party or employee whether directly or indirectly related to the use of drugs and/or alcohol

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