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Sevanetti Ice Cream Bikes.
Traditional Decorated Ice Cream Bike Hire
Tel.07904 305822
These are some of the special events that we have been honoured to attend - if you have any photos of us and the ice cream bike we would love to see them.
alt=bride and groom eating ice cream
  1. alt= ice cream bike
  2. alt=bride and groom with ice cream bike
  3. alt=serving ice cream from ice cream bike
  4. alt=ice cream trike
  5. alt=ice cream cart
  6. alt=pretty dress and ice cream bike
  7. alt=serving ice cream from ice cream trike
  8. alt=ice cream bike with blue bunting
  9. alt=ice cream sauces and sprinkles
  10. alt=pretty ice cream bike
  11. alt=bride and groom with ice cream bike
  12. alt=ice cream trike with bunting
  13. Managing Director
  14. Managing Director
  15. alt=wedding ice cream bike
  16. Managing Director
  17. alt=ice cream bike indoors
  18. Managing Director
  19. alt=ice cream bike with purple bunting
  20. alt=wedding ice cream bike
  21. alt=girl putting sauce on ice cream
  22. alt=ice cream with sauce
  23. alt=ice cream trike
  24. Managing Director
  25. alt=ice cream bike
  26. Managing Director
  27. alt=wedding ice cream bike
Hi Steve, thank you so much for Saturday. Everyone was saying how delicious the ice cream was and the bike looked great. We love the pictures you have taken thank you  [😃] .
We will certainly be recommending you to everyone. 
Thanks again,
Ella & Ryan

Hi Steve
Thank you so much for Saturday, everyone had a brilliant time and the ice cream was a HUGE success!!!
We will definitely be in touch about future events.
Thank you again
Lisa Holloway
Executive Assistant
DAC Beachcroft LLP
Indoors or out, weddings or parties a Sevanetti Ice Cream Bike will always become a unique and memorable part of your special day